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5 Reasons You Must Wash Your Face Nightly

by kelly / November, 23 2016 01:30
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Last week I gave you the basics on washing your face – how to, when to and why. I’m going to dig into the why some more this week. I know we all get busy and tired and all we want to do is get in bed but if you don’t wash your face at night stuff happens.

Skin Aging

Your skin will look older over time if you don’t wash your face. Makeup + dirt + pollution prevents the skin from renewing itself at night which causes premature skin aging.


Dirt and makeup on your skin turns into bacteria which leads to breakouts – plain and simple.

Skin Irritation

Your skin can end up even drier or oilier the next day. Sounds odd it go to either extreme, right? Read on.

Makeup dehydrates skin and if you didn’t take off your makeup you likely didn’t moisturize either. This double whammy leads to drier skin.

Or maybe you took off your makeup but didn’t wash your face – your skin ends up looking greasy and oily from the build-up of skin cells.

Eye Irritation

When you sleep with eye makeup on it can get into your eye and cause irritation. But don’t just trust me – here’s what dermatologist Eric Schweiger said to Bustle:

"Sleeping in eye makeup repeatedly may result in the clogging of the tiny hair follicles and oil glands on your eyelids. When these areas become clogged, bacteria can build up and cause inflammation. As a result, small bumps called styes or hordeolums can form."

That doesn’t sound very pleasant. Take care of your eyes.

Dirty Sheets

Yes this is a thing. Just imagine the makeup stains that end up on your pillow. Isn’t doing laundry more time consuming than taking a few minutes to wash your face everyday? Or worse, having to buy new sheets because you can’t get the stains out?

So there you have it, five things easily avoidable by simply washing your face. Find out even more skin care tips to keep your skin looking healthy here.

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