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How the Sun Sees You – the Camera Tells All

by kelly / November, 9 2016 01:30

photo of woman being photographed with hats and sunglasses

Have you ever wondered what your skin looks like to the sun? I know it sounds funny but with special high-tech cameras you can see what your skin looks like under ultraviolet light (UV). It can be worrisome or it can be amazing. The difference? Sunscreen!

Camera Shows Sunscreen Is a MUST

There is an advanced camera that can show you what your skin looks like with and without sunblock. It does this by being able to see UV light – a light the human eye cannot detect but primarily comes from the sun (tanning beds too) and is what causes skin damage, sunburns and skin aging.

The results are a bit alarming. The UV camera detects freckles and dark spots – yup, both are forms of skin damage - that have yet to surface. It even works on young adults. Essentially it allows you to see skin damage before it’s visible to the naked eye. This is skin damage that could be prevented with sunscreen.

In contrast, with sunscreen on the UV light can’t get to the face. It’s this UV light that causes 90% of skin damage and skin aging. Thus the camera provides a visible example of how sunblock protects your skin.

Now you can actually see why I can’t stress enough how important wearing sunscreen is all the time, all year-round, and in all weather (even now in the cold late fall). Without sunscreen, the cumulative effects of sun / UV exposure will add up to premature aging and skin damage years later.

Still Don’t Believe How Great Sunscreen Is – Check Out 1:38 in This Video

Check out this video below. It was filmed with the special UV camera being used on everyday people. You can skip to around 1:38 if you want to see the astounding benefits of sunscreen.

Also I can’t help but love the caption that goes along with the video

“We showed people what they looked like in ultraviolet, & wondered aloud if they wanted to put on some damn sunscreen already.”

Bringing This Technology to Consumers

Some doctors’ offices have a version of this camera that they use for skin-imaging.

There is even a company bringing this technology to the everyday consumer. Sunscreenr is a hand-held UV-light viewer device that shows you where your sunscreen has been applied. The device can show you where you have and haven’t applied sunblock.

It was actually recently featured on ABC’s Shark Tank. One of the sharks bit – Kevin O’Leary – and the company even got $800,000 to get the product into homes. Pretty cool.

Bottom Line – Sunscreen Matters

Yes it’s true! I know you hear me say it all the time but I hope this video and the Shark Tank investment proves why.

There really is no better protection for your skin than sunblock. It’s an anti-aging gem Laughing.

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