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Discovering Block Island: Hollywood Comes to Town

by Will / October, 19 2016 01:30

We're all about Block Island. Its beauty inspired us to create our company so it's natural that we aren't the only ones who love this little place. It turns out Hollywood has a fascination with it too.

As I write this filming is happening on the island. The film, aptly named "Block Island", is a thriller of sorts shot on an indie budget of $500,000. By Hollywood standards that's pretty small but from all the pics we've seen of the production it looks like they are doing a ton with it.

The story is based on a trip writer Jon Adler took from the mainland to the island back in the 1990's. Apparently he and his friends missed the New London ferry and had to charter a small boat to get to the island. The boat trip didn't quite go as expected and the film centers around the terrifying events that took place.

While I can't say much more about the film, the fact is I don't know a lot more about the backstory, I can say it was shot all over our little gem. On the street, at nightlife spots like the Yellow Kittens, and out on the water (even under it). If you want a behind the scenes look at the filming, I suggest checking out both Jon Adler's Facebook page and Choice Films Facebook page. You'll find intriguing photos and stories from the set.

If you're wondering, has anything else been filmed on Block Island recently? Well, the answer is yes. Showtime's hit show "The Affair" filmed an episode appropriate called "Escape to Block Island" at both the Southeast Lighthouse and Mohegan Bluffs. Here's a video of the filming in front of the statue of Rebecca which is in the center of town:

Family Guy, set in Rhode Island, also references the island from time-to-time and even had a full episode called "Finders Keepers" dedicated to it. Peter finds a placemat with a treasure map on it and sets out for Block Island to discover his fortune. Wikipedia has a great synopsis of the episode.

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