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Transition Your Skin for Fall

by kelly / October, 5 2016 01:30

Woman outside during the fall

I turned the heater on this week for the first time in months. On the good side it made my place all warm and cozy but it also made my skin feel dry. It got me thinking, now is definitely a good time to think about how to change up my skin care for the colder months.

Of course there are things that shouldn’t change like WEARING SUNSCREEN. Sunblock should be worn all year round. I’m talking 365 days of the year. A few reasons why:

  1. UV rays from the sun account for 90% of all skin aging according to the Skin Cancer Foundation. Not to mention these rays can cause other kinds of skin damage like skin cancer.
  2. UV rays are present throughout the year and even on overcast days. According the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) – 80% of UV rays make their way through clouds.
  3. Sure you may not be lying on the beach in the fall but incidental sun exposure adds up over your lifetime. It’s this cumulative lifetime of incidental exposure that shows up as skin damage later in life. Plus, Cancer Council Australia found that one out of two sunburns occurs during everyday activity – like commuting to work, going out shopping walking the dog, etc.

My suggestion for the fall is to find a DUAL-PURPOSE SPF for the day – one that provides at least a broad spectrum SPF 15 sun protection and that also offers moisturizing benefits. It’s great if you are strapped for time in the mornings and I love getting two products for the price of one! Now, back to some seasonal specifics.

In the fall the weather gets chillier and drier and the skin processes less oil. So you’ll want to LAYER UP ON THE MOISTURIZER both during the day and at night. After a summer of intense sun exposure – you’ll want to look for a repairing moisturizer that offers lots of VITAMINS and ANTIOXIDANTS.

Finally CHECK YOUR SKIN for any signs of sun damage or skin cancer. It’s really important to review your skin once a year. What better time than after a summer spent outside. Check out our post “Top Tips for Spotting Skin Cancer” for a quick reference guide for looking at your skin.

Of course continue to have fun this fall while taking care of your skin. Have some pumpkin pie, apple cider and play in the leaves for me!

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