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Discovering Block Island: Conserfest - Amazing Music Festival + Environmental Conservation

by Will / August, 24 2016 01:30

Conserfest 2016 on Block Island - chalkboards with band playing in the background

Want to explore Block Island? Can’t get enough of that summer music festival experience? Conserfest is an awesome way to do both. It’s an annual non-profit music festival from which proceeds and donations go to support Block Island’s eco-conservation efforts. Pretty cool we say.

Block Island Conservation

Block Island is known for its eco-conservation. In fact, currently 43% of the island is conserved and protected. It’s one of the main reasons the Nature Conservancy calls Block Island one of the 12 “last great places in the western hemisphere”.

Conserfest’s efforts go directly to support these conservation efforts in the form of monetary support and education. Just check out their “Music on a Mission” video to get a sense of what they're about and see Block Island’s gorgeous landscape.

The Music

This year Conserfest took place over two days (the weekend of August 13th) and featured eight bands across three venues. Everything from reggae to rap to indie acoustic and more. It’s a great mashup of bands and sounds. Here’s the 2016 lineup and check out Conserfest’s SoundCloud channel for a great mix of all the artists:

How to Get Involved

If Conserfest sounds near and dear to your heart, there are a few ways to get involved.

Attend Conserfest

This year we got the message out after the festival but next year we’ll be more on the ball and get you the info ahead of time. So stay tuned to our Discovering Block Island series and our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels to be in the know.

Conserfest 2016 on Block Island - reggae signer at a microphone

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