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Discovering Block Island: The Best Donuts You’ll Ever Eat

by kelly / July, 27 2016 01:30

A photo of Payne's donuts on Block Island, RI

Yes I'm going to say that these donuts on Block Island are the best you'll ever eat. I can confidently say this as a donut expert - my parents actually owned a Dunkin Donuts growing up - so I've had my fair share of donuts. Where can you get these marvelous little wonders? At Payne's Donuts aka the home of "Killer Donuts" on Block Island.

Bites of Heaven

I can only presume they are called "Killer Donuts” because I would kill to get them everyday. They are so so good - like little warm bites of heaven. It's not just me, everyone that has visited me loves them. Everyone wants to go back for seconds!

Payne's Donuts offers three choices - plain, sugar and cinnamon. You can't go wrong with any one. Also, a place like Payne's reminds me that you don't need hundreds of choices to be completely satisfied.

Warm Everyday

The best part of the donuts - they are made fresh daily throughout the day. I've gone in the morning and in the afternoon and they are always warm. You can't beat that.

$1 a Donut

Another thing you can't beat is the price! $1! Think about how many truly awesome things you can by for a $1 today - not a lot but you can get a Payne's donut.

Where to Find Heaven

Payne's Donuts operates out of a tiny walk-up window by New Harbor on 1 Ocean Avenue. During the summer you can stop by their window anytime from 7am-7pm to get yourself some fresh donuts.

They also serve Del's Lemonade and soft serve ice cream. Del's Lemonade is a Rhode Island tradition and is an icy lemonade drink. It's the best after a hot day on the beach.

A line outside Payne's Donuts stand

A Short Wait

If you still don't believe me - then let me tell you there is always a line outside of Payne's. Not to worry though, the line moves pretty fast.

The Secret to Their Taste

Ok, well, it's more a rumor but people say it's Block Island's water that makes these donuts taste so good.

It could also be that they've been perfecting their recipe for over 50 years! Payne's has been a family run business for 50 plus years - something we aspire to. Obviously we love family run businesses from Block Island.

More Must Dos on the Island

Definitely check out Payne's Donuts if you are ever on the island and find out even more about fun things to do and see in our Discovering Block Island series.

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