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5 Tricks to Make Putting Sunscreen on Kids Fun

by kelly / June, 8 2016 01:30

We've all been there or seen this scene go down - a squirming child, a tireless parent and a bottle of sunscreen that barely goes on. If you're especially "lucky" a meltdown ensues. Putting sunblock on kids is not always easy.

I'm here to reduce the stress with five sunscreen games (yes!) to make it more fun and simple for you and your kids...thanks TLC!

1. Simon Says

I loved this game as a kid. In the sunscreen version put sunblock on your kid's hands and then play some Simon Says. For example Simon Says put sunscreen on your arm or your belly or your face.

2. Connect the Dots

Place dots of sunscreen on your child's arms and legs and let them use their fingers to connect the dots. While they are distracted connecting the dots it can give you time to apply sunscreen to the other parts of their body.

3. Body Paint

For this activity grab a makeup sponge and let your child's imagination run free as they paint sunscreen on themselves or even you. Lots of creativity required for this game Laughing.

4. Racing Game

This one might get a little messy - set a timer or use the length of a song - see who can apply sunscreen faster than mom and dad. Don't forget to dance a little if you are applying sunblock to a song.

5. Sunscreen Train

A great group game - create a line and give everyone some sunscreen. Start the train and have everyone apply sunblock to the person in front of them. Throw in the oldie but goodie Do the Locomotion for added entertainment while the train is bumping.

Of course with all these games you might have to help your little ones smooth out their application. Head over here for even more sun protection tips for kids and babies.

Enjoy and have fun this summer. Don’t stress when it comes to sunscreen.

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