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Discovering Block Island: The Off-Season

by Will / December, 2 2015 01:30

Block Island is definitely known for it's beautiful beaches, clamming, sailing and summertime fun but the island also has a lot to offer during the off-season. If you want to beat the holiday shopping crowds and stressful travel season, Block Island in the winter is a great option. We've got a fun list of off-season activities to Discover on Block Island.



You can still get your fill of 17 miles of beaches on Block Island. Ok so the water might be a little cold but you'll have the perfect spot all to yourself. Block Island's population drops to about 900 to 1,000 people during the off-season compared to 12,000 in the summer. If you are looking for some peace with only the crashing waves as the sound around you then you can definitely find it on one of the beaches. Here is even more information on all the beaches the island has to share.


Bird Watching

Have you seen the movie The Big Year? The movie is one of my favorites to watch during the holiday season. It's a heart-warming and funny movie about competitive bird watching and the race to see as many different species of birds around the world in one year. It's actually a real thing that people do. Block Island is ripe for any bird watcher or nature lover as many rare migratory birds come during the off season.


Christmas Stroll

If you want a much more low-key holiday shopping experience try the annual Christmas Shopping Stroll. The event kicks off the morning of Black Friday and runs through Saturday. Stroll the decorated shops around Old Harbor to find great deals and walk by the lobster pot tree - a Christmas tree made out of lobster pots. See a photo of this incredible tree below (also you can find other stunning photos of Block Island in our Block Island Life section.

Block Island lobster tree


Polar Plunge

Want to start the New Year off with an icy cold dip in the water? Yes you can find this activity on Block Island! On New Year's Day 2016 you can join the local Lion's Club at high noon and take the Polar Plunge with them at Fred Benson Town Beach. Hundreds are expected to gather for this event to watch and also warm with hot chocolate those brave enough to jump in.


Glass Float Project

The Glass Float Project is a recent annual tradition on Block Island that involves glass orbs hidden around the island. Anyone that finds one can keep it. The hunt for these glass orbs usually begins in May but can last well beyond the summer as hundreds of orbs are hidden each year. So even in the winter you can treasure hunt for orbs - it's a cool activity for the whole family.


Unofficial Block Island Census

If you want to be counted as a local - come to Old Island Pub (on Corn Neck Road) on Groundhog Day February 2nd 2016 and you can make the unofficial Block Island census! It happens every year and residents literally drop by the pub to be counted. Happen to be off island that day, you're not counted. A visitor from out of town, you're counted.


So there you have it a list of things to do on Block Island during the off-season. I think it's a perfect time of year to really relax on the island. To find even more about Block Island all year-round check out our Discovering Block Island series.

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