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Fashion Magazines Declare Sunscreen A Must Year-Round

by kelly / November, 18 2015 01:30

Recently both Vogue and Harper's Bazaar touted the benefits of sunscreen as THE year-round anti-aging weapon.  This was in addition to Women's Health and Yahoo Beauty calling sunscreen the #1 most effective wrinkle-fighting treatment.

I especially love it when the high fashion magazines promote the benefits of sunblock.  It means a lot because even though I may not agree, these magazines are often seen as the bible on all things fashion, beauty and skin care.  So here's to another win for suncare!

In early November, Vogue published an article titled "Why You Need to Wear Sunscreen This Winter".  The article is packed with great information. Here's the cliff notes version:

  1. Sunscreen should be worn year-round even in the winter (we've written about this topic in the past but I feel coming from Vogue more people will listen Laughing).
  2. Incidental UV exposure during daily commutes is a real concern as the effects of sun damage are cumulative (here's a visual showing this actual effect).
  3. Exposure can occur at the office: "According to New York dermatologist Dendy Engelman, the data suggests that pigment cells can be stimulated not only by the sun’s bright UV rays, but even by lower doses of ambient and infrared light, emitted by your computer screen or overhead lamps."
  4. Big bonus points for having antioxidants in your sunscreen: "A bottle packed with antioxidants may go one step further, protecting your skin from environmental pollutants and enhancing its radiance."


In the fall Harper's Bazaar ranked the best anti-aging tools in an article titled "Bazaar's 50 Best Anti-Aging Tips of All Time".  Pretty powerful title, right?  #1 and #2 on the list are sunscreen. 

#1 is to wear sunscreen daily.  Here is my favorite quote from the article and probably one of my top quotes of all time:

"The only time you don't need sunscreen is when you need a flashlight to see," insists Beverly Hills dermatologist Harold Lancer.​

#2 is to wear a zinc based sunscreen.  A dermatologist they interviewed named Elizabeth Hale said:

"Look for one with zinc oxide for broad-spectrum sun protection and an SPF of at least 30."​


You would think I paid all these magazines to write these articles! Of course I didn't but I'm more than happy to share their advice. Sunblock is really the best way to protect your skin from UV exposure every day and to prevent skin aging and damage. 

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