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Discovering Block Island: The Flying Chinese Food Delivery Service

by Will / September, 2 2015 01:30

Deepwater Wind Farm off Block Island, Rhode Island
New England Airlines founder Bill Bendokas
© New England Airlines

Block Island is a small place, it's just 7 miles long and 3 miles wide. Despite this it does have a bustling town with many restaurants (over 50), bars and shops. Of course, at such a small size it can't cover every cuisine and that's where New England Airline's take-out food delivery comes in. Yup, they'll deliver your take-out order via plane. Whether it's Chinese food, sushi, pizza or something else entirely, New England Airlines is game.


New England Airlines has 6 or 7 planes and flies out of Westerly, RI. I've flown it several times and it's a convenient way to get on the island - a 15 minute flight (if you are looking for other ways to get to Block Island, check out our article Discovering Block Island: How to Get There - Planes, Trains, (Ferries) & Automobiles) - but until recently I didn't know they also deliver food from the mainland. Plus that's not all they deliver: medicine (there is no pharmacy on the island), auto parts and even farm animals according to the Wall Street Journal. I guess when you're in need of something quick and on a remote island a plane is the only way.


Why Chinese food in particular?  Well, there's no Chinese restaurant on the island (the last one closed over 10 years ago), it's a universal staple of the American take-out diet and even if it arrives a little lukewarm, it's still great. At least that's my theory and Chinese takeout (seems) to be the most popular item they deliver.


So next time you're on the island and have a hankering for some mainland fare, give New England Airlines a call (1-800-243-2460), see what restaurants deliver to them and pick up your craving at the Block Island Airport. Also, be sure to follow our Discovering Block Island series if you want to know more about the place.

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