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Oregon Votes to Allow Sunscreens in School

by kelly / May, 13 2015 01:30

In honor of Skin Cancer Awareness month, we'll be featuring posts on interesting suncare news, skin protection information and great sales.  This piece of fascinating news landed on our desk this morning and we'd thought we'd share.  The Oregon Senate unanimously voted to allow sunscreen in schools.


On Monday, May 11th the Oregon Senate voted to tell schools that sunblock is not a medication and its use cannot be prohibited.  Most schools only allow certain over-the-counter (aka OTC) drugs on their campuses.  Sunscreens are consider OTC drugs by the FDA.  Actually some other common products like toothpaste and antiperspirant are surprisingly considered OTC drugs by the FDA  - who knew, right?  Now with this new bill, sunscreens will be on this allowed list of OTC drugs in schools.


Additionally, the new bill will also permit students to wear sun-protective hats and clothes as long as they are not inappropriate.  I actually had no idea that sun-protective clothing was banned. I remember not being allowed to wear baseball caps inside during class but never thought it was an issue outside.  But I've also been out of school for quite some time!


Next the bill goes back to the House because the Senate made some changes to it.  Hopefully there won't be an issue approving it since the House unanimously approved the measure back in March.  Not sure where the rest of the states stand on sunblock in schools but of course we support the use of it all year round.

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