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Kardashians and Jenners Are All About Sunscreen

by kelly / April, 29 2015 01:30

Yes I never thought I would put the words "Kardashians", "Jenners" and "sunscreen" together, let alone be writing about them.  But it's true, the ladies in these famous families are all about the sunscreen.  Now I may not agree with everything they stand for but I can't disagree with their sunblock support.


Recently Khloe Kardashian told InStyle magazine that her mom, Kris Jenner, has been a big influence on her beauty routines and based on her mom's advice she puts "sunscreen in all of my cars and I make sure to apply sunscreen every time I’m driving because your hands are on the steering wheel and they’re constantly in the sun. You don’t realize how much your hands are going to age."


Additionally, Kylie Jenner in turn learned from her sister and Kylie recently revealed to Yahoo Beauty that "Khloe taught me to always use sunscreen on my hands and face to protect my skin, and my mom taught me to always stay hydrated.”


I have to admit that's good advice from all these ladies.  In addition to wearing sunscreen everyday, people often forget to apply it to their hands.  The hands - I'd also add the neck and at times the décolletage - are frequently exposed to the sun but not something we think about.  


Other good skin care advice offered by Khloe and Kylie include never going to sleep with makeup on and "to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize".


I mean it makes sense that these ladies care about their skin as they are photographed everyday and their faces are everywhere.  And sunblock is crucial to protecting skin as the sun is one of the leading causes of skin damage and premature aging.  


Finally, I guess the saying "stars they're just like us" sort of applies in this case in regards to at least sunscreen.

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