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Hugh Jackman Wants Wants His Kids (and Yours) to Use Sunscreen

by Will / April, 8 2015 01:30


Hugh Jackman has had a number of surgeries to remove skin cancer.  Four surgeries to be exact so he's no stranger to sun damage.  In fact, we've covered Hugh's outspoken thoughts on the subject previously.  Well, it turns out he's not done campaigning for our favorite little protector - sunscreen!

In early March Hugh stopped in to talk with Jo Parkerson of UK radio station Magic Radio.  A light hearted interview, he revealed a number of fun facts including that he Skypes with his dogs, one of which is a labradoodle, while away.  At one point the conversation took a more serious tone as Hugh said

"Sunscreen. I'm a madman for sunscreen. The last year I've had four skin cancers cut off. So my misspent youth in Australia, it doesn't actually matter where you are, as a kid you've just got to wear sunscreen... I've got a young daughter; now I'm going to be all over her like a rash when she gets to be a teenager because I used to be bad."

Four cancer surgeries would sure put a scare into me.  Plus check out the sign, sounds like he knows sunblock should be used no matter the time of year, type of weather or location.  It really should be the first and most important part of any skin care regimen.

At Block Island Organics we applaud Hugh for taking up this issue.  With skin cancer the #1 cancer in the US, we feel it's extremely important to spread the word.  Thanks Hugh!  

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