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Free Sunscreen Stations Going Up in Miami Beach

by Will / March, 18 2015 01:30

Miami Beach

Wow, we think this is pretty cool.  Miami Beach is putting in free sunblock dispensers throughout the city.  50 of the sunscreen stations will go in at public schools, parks and beach access points and the effort is sponsored by Mount Sinai Medical Center.  Now, while we wish it was our sunscreen going into these dispensers, that would be huge for us, were just happy to see sun protection taken so seriously.

Why so, well, check out this quote from the Miami Herald:

Dr. Jose Lutzky, head of the melanoma program out of Mount Sinai, said Florida is second behind California in incidence of melanoma. But the trend is going in the wrong direction. “Unfortunately, our numbers are growing,” he said. “That is really something we do not want to be first in.”

We wholeheartedly agree, melanoma is not something anyone wants to be number one in.  Cheers to Miami Beach for tackling this deadly problem.

Here's a video of the unveiling ceremony.  Pretty cool.

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