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Spring Forward - 5 Things I Can't Wait For

by kelly / March, 4 2015 01:30

Spring flowers

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It's March and it's still so cold!  Last year was brutal and the winter extended way beyond it's welcome.  Now I don't hate winter and I do love snow but I'm definitely ready for the season to turn.  I can't wait for spring to come along. Because I just need to indulge and dream of warmer temps, I decided to put a list together of five things I'm looking forward to:


1. Longer Sunny Days: Daylight Savings is this week on March 8th, so don't forget to move your clocks forward. While we lose an hour, I'm excited that the sun will stay out longer now and work days won't seem as long.  Yes for some reason when the sun goes down at 4pm during the winter months - it makes me think I'm working later.


2. More Sunscreen: So with longer sunny days and a warmer temps that means more sunscreen.  Ha of course I have to give a shout out to sunscreen.  Now you should be wearing sunblock all-year round and with more sun and heat comes even more of a need as we stay out longer and tend to have more exposed body parts.  Don't forget to apply as there are so many benefits to wearing sunblock! 


3. Planning My Summer Trip: Ok I know that spring needs to come first but now is the time I start to plan a summer trip.  The early the better with travel costs in my opinion.  I'm taking suggestions for trip ideas now.  Here are my requirements - inexpensive, warm, friendly, active (I'm not much of a sunbather - surprise, surprise) and lots of good food options.


4. Surfing More: I got hooked after taking my first surfing lesson in Hawaii a few weeks ago.  Now I cannot wait to surf again.  Anyone know good surf spots for beginners?  I may even try it on Block Island.


5. New Products: Yes in a few weeks we will be debuting new products - an organic & natural night cream and facial cleanser.  Believe me the cream feels great on the skin at night and is full of antioxidants.  The night cream moisturized my face even in these drier winter months.  The cleanser is gentle on the skin and cleaned off all of my makeup and sunscreen.  Needless to say I'm excited for you all to try our new products because I love using them!


That's my quick hit list.  Thanks for letting me put out my thoughts to the universe - hopefully it'll mean a quick spring arrival!

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