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Sunny Travels: Holidays with Family

by kelly / January, 7 2015 01:30

Union Square Holiday Market 2014

Will and I are back from our whirlwind holiday travels.  We hit up three families, ate lots of food and perfected our tennis game (not really but we got to play tennis after a three year hiatus from the sport).  Luckily our travels were within the tri-state area and we were happy to spend quality time with our families.


Our trip began in Fairfield, Connecticut with a visit with Will's dad and stepmom where we spent a few days eating, doing some last minute Christmas shopping and taking in a Lincoln Center show.  Will and I were able to get into Manhattan one day to see the Union Square Holiday Market before the show at Lincoln Center with his dad.  I went to NYU and lived in the city for a few years after college and one of my favorite things about NYC was the Union Square Holiday Market.  You can find so many unique gifts and treats at the market.  We had our fair share of food at the market - including specialty donuts, hot chocolate and fried dough balls stuffed with some savory concoctions.  After our eating adventure at the market we headed to meet his dad and stepmom at Lincoln Center.  While Will's stepmom went to the opera (which Will and his dad did everything in their power to avoid!), the rest of us went to see the play The Oldest Boy.  The play wasn't exactly our cup of tea but it was nice to be in the city for a day and enjoy Lincoln Center.  Our time with Will's dad concluded on Christmas morning.


Lincoln Center during the Holidays 2014


On Christmas morning we headed to Will's mom in Westchester, New York.  Let's just say we had our fair share of cookies there.  Every year Will's mom hosts an annual cookie party before the start of the holiday season.  That leaves a lot of leftover cookies!  I think Will had a cookie for breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday at his mom's.  We also got to spend some quality time with Will's 17 month old nephew.  He's at the age where everything he does and says is completely adorable.  The highlight for me of our time in Westchester was getting to walk the Poughkeepsie Bridge also known as the Walkway Over the Hudson at sunset with his mom and sister.  The bridge crosses the Hudson River and connects Poughkeepsie, New York on the east bank and Highland, New York on the west bank and was originally built as a bridge for railroads.  It was a beautiful walk as the sun was going down - highly recommend it if you are ever in that area.  You can also bike or run across the bridge.


Sunset on the Poughkeepsie Bridge aka Walkway Over the Hudson during the Holidays 2014


Our next and final stop on our holiday family tour was on Long Island with my parents.  Our food extravaganza continued there with lots of Chinese dessert breads and ice cream thanks to my parent's stocking the house for my three nieces.  Funny we never grew up with ice cream in the house but all old rules go out the window as grandparents!  Nevertheless, we tried to be a little more active with our time on Long Island to work off some of our holiday eating.  Tennis was our activity - we played three days in a row.  Well play is being generous - more like chased down balls.  It was the first time my nieces had ever played tennis so we were trying to help teach them.  Thankfully the courts were indoors.  But we did get active outside one day to go ice skating.  Our time at my parent's concluded the day after New Year's.  My parents said it was the first time they had both me and my sister at home to celebrate New Year's in 15 years.   I was really happy that we were both there this year for my parents.


Tennis over the holidays 2014 with my niece


Even though we were tired from all the traveling this year, Will and I are very happy that we got to spend so much time with our families.  We look forward to all the exciting travel and time with our families and friends that 2015 will bring.  Happy New Year everyone!

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