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One Step Back, Two Steps Forward - New Year's Resolutions 2015

by Will / December, 31 2014 01:30

Happy New Years from Block Island Organics

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Last year we made our 2014 New Year's Resolutions.  This year we want to look back and see how we did plus add some new ones.  I know, this doesn't have a lot to do with suncare, but we think it's just fun!  How about you?  We'd love to know what you've been up to and what you have planned for 2015.  It's going to be a great year!


2014 Resolutions How'd We Do


Overall I'd give myself a B-.  My 2014 resolutions were 1) Learn to Draw, 2) Explore Other Creative Outlets and 3) Eat More Vegetables.  I started out well on Learning to Draw.  For about a month I worked through the book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. It was fun and I was actually surprised how much my skills improved but drawing never became a habit.  For exploring other creative outlets the results were similar.  I tried several things - learning to make short movies, blogging and playing the piano to name a few but nothing stuck.  Both of these are things I'd like to get back to.  Eating more vegetables was much easier.  On this one I really succeeded.  I think this is mostly due to Kelly's 2014 resolutions (learn to cook was one of them) but nonetheless I succeeded!


For my 2014 resolution score I'd give myself a B+.  My resolutions for 2014 were to 1) Cook Breakfast One Day a Week 2) Don't Buy New Clothes for Myself 3) Volunteer Once a Month.  I knocked #1 and #2 out of the park.  I actually now cook 4-5 times a week and mix it up between breakfast, lunch and dinner.  In terms of shopping, my goal was to stop shopping for only three months and I have not bought new clothes in at least six months.  Go me!  And I'm going to continue this new habit of shopping less into 2015. Ok but I give myself a fail on goal #3.  I have not volunteered once a month.  My average is much lower.  So I'm going take this goal and move it into 2015.


2015 Resolutions


  1. Get Creative - I really want to revisit this from 2014.  While it's important to work hard, particularly as Block Island Organics is a startup, everyone needs time off too.  Time to recharge the batteries.  For me, a creative outlet would really help.
  2. Call My Parents Once a Week - Sometimes it feels like I go a few weeks without talking to them.  It seems to come in spurts - for a few a week I'll talk to them every couple of days but then go a week or two without calling.  I'd like to be better about this.
  3. Work Smarter - I spend a lot of time working on Block Island Organics.  For the most part this is necessary but I could manage this a bit better.  I'd like to set schedules and plan things out a bit more all with the goal of getting the work done but giving me more free time. 


  1. Volunteer once a month - I'm going to bring back this one from 2014.  I think it's really one of the best things a person can do so I'd like to commit to it.
  2. Try or do something that scares me once a month - This is a goal about challenging myself to go outside my comfort zone.  It can be anything from taking a more difficult dance class to learning how to surf.  This goal is about taking some more chances in life.
  3. Meet a new friend for lunch once a month - My life is my family, Block Island Organics and my old friends.  I would like to get out more and meet new people and attend more industry events.  I believe that expanding your network is important to learning new ideas and important to any business.


So there you have.  2015 resolutions from Kelly and I.  It's always a challenge making and sticking to them but we feel like the new year is a good time to evaluate where we are at and where we want to go.  What do you think?  Let us know below.

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