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Halloween Fun From Block Island Organics

by kelly / October, 15 2014 01:30

At Block Island Organics we are more than just work.  Need some evidence?  Just check out our sunny travels.  Now, to celebrate Halloween we decided to put together some spooktastically fun stats.  Things like what are the most popular costumes, how many pumpkins are used and how much candy we consume.  Yes we eat a lot of candy during Halloween - it's hard to resist!

So check out some interesting Halloween tidbits down below and feel free to drop us line to let us know what you have planned for Halloween.  I'm planning on dressing up as the sun or a bottle of sunscreen.  Kidding, kidding.  I'll probably go with a firefighter or cowgirl this year.  Happy Halloween and trick-or-treating!


Halloween stats and figures from Block Island Organics


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