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Outdoor Life: Football Season is Here!

by Will / September, 10 2014 01:30

Men and women playing flag football

© djromanj / Flickr

Football season is one of my favorite times of year.  Yes, I am a big football fan.  The New York Giants are my favorite team and it's been that way for as long as I can remember.  So when the games start my outdoor activities shift from summer beach themes to football Sundays.  Here at Block Island Organics we believe in enjoying the outdoors.  So if you are looking for active ways to enjoy football season (I admit, sometimes I sit and watch on tv too) here are some thoughts.  Of course, wear sunscreen while your at it!

Go to a Game

Have a favorite team?  Why not head to a game?  Whether it's a pro team on Sunday, a college on Saturday or the local high school team there are plenty of options to check out a game.  Not only will it get you outdoors, but it can be a great family and friends event too.  I say invite a few people along and make it an outing.  Going to a game can be a bit expensive, so here are some options for tickets:

  • SeatGeek: This is pretty cool because it searches other ticket sites.  So rather than visiting every individual site, you can simply search here and see the results from multiple ticketing sites in one place.
  • Ticket Master: This is the grand old dame of ticketing.  I think you'll find most games here (pro at least, I'm not sure about college games).
  • StubHub: These are tickets in the secondary market.  Sometimes you can get great deals on low priced tickets.
  • NFL Ticket Exchange: This is the official NFL site.  I believe it's actually run by Ticket Master.
  • TicketCity: They specialize in sports and seem to have a lot of options.
  • FanXchange: A market place to buy and resell tickets for all sorts of thing.
  • Local College or High School Ticket Office: Exactly what it sounds like.  Call up the athletic department and ask them how to buy tickets.

Tailgate or Grill Out

Ok, so this can be part of going to a game but it can also just be fun to do on its own.  Particularly the grilling and gathering of friends and family.  Whether it's at the stadium, your house or a park, everyone loves a good get together. So get a group, pick up some brats, vegetables plus whatever else your heart desires and have a feast.

Play Two-Hand-Touch

Ahh, I remember the simpler days of running around the yard with a bunch of friends.  We usually had an automatic-QB (often an adult) and the rest of us charged around with abandon.  My little sister (one of our co-founders) loved playing too.  In fact I recently saw some video from probably 25 years ago where she caught the wining TD.  We also had a neighbor we nicknamed Crazy Legs for his speed and moves.  In any event, two-hand-touch is a great idea because people of all ages can play together, you get a bit of exercise and heck - it's just fun!

Find a Flag Football League

Flag football is one of my favorites.  It's not too different than two-hand-touch except that usually there are organized leagues to join.  I played in one in college as well as grad school and am eyeing a group that plays around the corner.  If you are looking for one in your area a quick Google search can be helpful.  There are also organizations such as ZogSports (adults) and NFL Flag (kids and teens) that have options.  It really is a great way to get introduced to football.


That about exhausts my football ideas.  If you have other thoughts on how to enjoy football or the outdoors in general this Fall, we'd love to hear them.  Now back to rooting for my Giants who didn't fare too well against the Lions the other night.


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