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7 Tips for Swimsuit Shopping

by kelly / May, 14 2014 01:30

It's that time of year again - the time of year when I come out of hibernation and let my skin breath. I prefer long sleeves and pants seasons where I can keep everything under wraps. Ok was that too much information? No really I love the summer and sunshine, I do run a suncare company, I just dread swimsuit season and shopping for one.


Over the past few months I actually forgot what I look like without all those layers. Some years there are even changes that require me to buy a new swimsuit. This year I think I'm facing a change again.


So in anticipation of my shopping trip this coming weekend, I decided to look for some tips and tricks for both shopping and buying a swimsuit. This week I'll break down my research on helpful hints for shopping and next week I'll talk about tips & tricks for bathing suit size and fit. Hopefully my ideas will help you, if you are like me about shopping for swimsuits. Sorry my tips and tricks are only for the ladies...


If your thinking, what does this have to do with sunscreen? Well, I guess it's kind of tangential but when it's bathing suit season it's also sunscreen season (although I recommend using sunscreen year round). Plus, it's just kind of fun!


Here we go. The great ideas I collected to make shopping for a bathing suit easier.

  1. Bring sandals or flip flops.
    One, wearing them will get you in the summer mood. Two, more importantly trying on a swimsuit with socks and winter shoes doesn't look flattering and might take away from the effect of the swimsuit on your body.

  3. Use your lingerie sizing as a guideline.
    Many style experts recommend using you bra and underwear size as a proxy.

  5. Play a little psychology on yourself.
    I've heard people suggest bringing two sizes to try on in the fitting room: one size that you think you are and then a size up. Try on the larger size first because you will feel a lot better if you have to go down in size rather than up. Also remember swimsuits expand in the water so go with a smaller size if you are not sure.

  7. Timing is everything.
    We all know there are times in the day or week or month when we just feel better or thinner. I tend to try on clothes on those days.

  9. Shave your legs.
    Yes! It is one less thing for you to worry or be self conscious about when trying on swimsuits.

  11. Wear a thong.
    Another yes! Most stores require you to wear underwear when trying on bathing suits. So wearing a skinnier underwear will help you see the suit better and won't distract from the look.

  13. Move around in the suit.
    Jump up, raise your arms, cross your legs, do a lunge - to make sure nothing falls out.

And of course don't forget to wear sunscreen when you are out in your new swimsuit!

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