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My 5 Keys to Healthy Skin

by kelly / March, 19 2014 01:30

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Even though I'm 35, sometimes I'm asked for ID when I go out. I pretend to be insulted but it kind of feels good when someone says it. Ha!

I think I'm asked is because I've kept my skin in good shape over the years. Once in a while my friends even ask how I keep my skin looking young. It's probably a testament to my mom's nagging, okay, loving advice for 35 years! She taught me a few key things that I think help everyday.

Here's the list of the key routines that make a big difference for my skin. It's not scientific and the list includes things that I think we've all read and generally heard about. I actually try to achieve everything on my list everyday and my skin doesn't feel as good if I miss a day. Maybe it's psychological but it works!

  1. Use Sunscreen Every Day

    You know this had to be on my list but it's probably the most important factor keeping my skin from aging and developing wrinkles. The sun is the biggest culprit of skin damage. For me if I'm going to use something everyday on my skin I want it to be natural so of course I'm going to use a mineral sunscreen and yes I actually use Block Island Organics sunblock on my face everyday.
  2. Get Enough Sleep

    When I don't get enough sleep I immediately see it under my eyes - dark brown circles. It's obvious to me that getting a good night's sleep is important to my skin. To look my best I need 7-8 hours of solid sleep a night. It's not always easy getting it, but I try.
  3. Drink Lots of Water

    I drink about 5-7 cups of water a day. On days I don't drink enough my skin tends to feel dry. I also feel like drinking water helps me flesh out the toxins in my body. I am more energized when I'm hydrated and I think that energy permeates through my skin.
  4. Wash My Face Every Night

    After a long day of being out and about I need a good face wash to take off my make-up. I use a gentle, natural face soap. Washing my face at night is also part of my night routine and prepares my body for bed. Yes, I have my habits.
  5. Moisturize Daily

    This is an easy yet very important one to do. I like to apply a moisturizer both in the morning and at night. In the morning I'd recommend using a moisturizer with SPF. That way you can get a start on your daily sun protection. In the evening I like a rich night cream after I wash my face. It helps restore my skin's moisture balance and I wake up feeling refreshed.

That's my list. What's yours? I'm always looking for new skin tips.

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