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Discovering Block Island - Glass Float Project

by Will / February, 26 2014 01:30

Block Island Glass Float Project

Each year local Rhode Island Artist Eben Horton starts his Glass Float Project anew.  It's become an annual event celebrating the beauty of Block Island in a fun, interactive way.  This year is no different and Eben needs your help to keep the project going.  While this project is not tied to Block Island Organics, we love highlighting and supporting projects that showcase the beauty and promote Block Island.  It's where we started and we love the island.

So what is the project exactly?  Eben is a glass blower by trade and he blows these beautiful glass balls and hides them around the island.  In 2013 he hid 400 glass orbs around the island and this year he'd like to match if not exceed that.  One of the coolest parts about the project is that it turns into a treasure hunt.  As he says on the Glass Float website, if you find one, you get to keep it.  If you find a second, please leave it for another explorer to find. On top of that, each orb is numbered and Eben has partnered with the Block Island Tourism Council to create a registry for the orbs.  So when you find one, you get to register it with your name and number forever immortalized.

How can you help?  The easiest way is to donate to the project's Kickstarter campaign.  We've done so already and encourage all Block Island lovers to do so as well.  You can donate as little as one dollar.  In fact, check over to the left to see how the campaign is doing.  If you want to donate a little more, Eben has several pledge levels which will earn you hand blown glass objects like a glass coin, pendant necklace, an actual glass float, a Block Island paper weight and even a private glass blowing class for you and five friends at Eben's studio.  Pretty great stuff I say.  We can't wait to get our glass float.  We'll be sure to share photos when we do.

But heck, even if you can't donate you can still participate.  In fact, that's what the project is all about. You and me, exploring the natural beauty of Block Island while on a treasure hunt.  It's almost like an Indiana Jones adventure.

There are some things to know.  Floats won't be placed on dunes or bluffs.  Rather if form follows last year, they will be placed within one foot of either side of the island's Greenway trails.  This makes them a little easier to find and importantly, helps protect the Block Island environment.  An admirable goal.

So if you want to donate or simply know more, check out the links, videos and pictures below.  Plus if you participate in the actual event - don't forget to apply your sunscreen while you are out and about looking for a glass float.  Sunburn hurts!  Last, check out our Discovering Block Island series for more about the island's beauty, what it has to offer and how to get there.

Block Island Glass Float Kickstarter Campaign

Block Island Glass Float Website

Block Island Tourism Council Glass Float Webpage

Collage of photos from Block Island Glass Float Project

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