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The Top 6 Body Parts People Forget to Use Sunscreen On

by Will / January, 29 2014 01:30

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I can't remember the number of times I've put on sunscreen only to realize I have a burn in some strange spot by the end of the day. After happening often enough I'm now pretty good at covering all the various places on my body. That said, here are the spots I (as well as the other folks at Block Island Organics) sometimes forget to cover.

1) Ears

The is a really easy one to miss. As a child I often had crispy ears after a day outside. Particularly the tops of them. Just remember when you're putting sunblock on your face to put some on your ears too (plus a little dab behind them).

2) Feet

Another spot people seem to forget. I think it's because we often have shoes and socks on when putting on sunscreen. There's nothing worse than having feet so burned that you don't want to walk around. For me it was always the tops of my feet. These days I make sure to put a dollop of sunscreen on my feet and ankles to rub in.

3) Hands

Funny enough it's easy to forget the tops of your hands but if you want to keep them looking young, daily sunblock use on your hands is a must. Just think of all the sun exposure they get and hands are often the first thing others notice.

4) Underside of the Arms

Everyone puts sunblock on the top of their forearms, biceps and shoulders but the underside is often forgotten. I think it's best to put a dab on all sides of your arm rather than just the top and rubbing it around to the bottom. You might need to use a little more sunblock than you usually do.

5) Backside of the Legs and Knees

Like the underside of your arms, it's easy to forget the backside of your legs and knees. Often people will squirt some sunscreen on the front of the legs or knee and then rub it around but that's not quite enough. Make sure you use a bit specifically for the backside too.

6) Along Clothing Lines

Clothing moves around throughout the day so I recommend using sunblock up to and even under the edge of your clothing. In fact, it's usually easier to put sunscreen on with your clothing off making sure to get all the exposed areas plus a little more.

Well, those are the problem areas for us. Anything we missed?

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