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PGA Golf Pro Stewart Cink's Crazy Head Tan Line

by Will / January, 22 2014 01:30

So this week we have something fun to share. Specifically, Stewart Cink's crazy bald headed tan line. Twitter user Ben Taylor captured the image below. Take a look...

Professional golfer Stewart Cink's crazy head tan line

If you're not familiar with Stewart, he's a professional golfer and thus - by definition - spends a lot of time out in the sun. He also seems to be bald or at least have a shaved head. Now, I'm not sure if he uses sunscreen or not (maybe we should send him a bottle!) but certainly from his tan line you can see the difference between protected skin and un or less protected skin.

See as a golfer Stewart is always wearing a hat so the top of his head doesn't get much sun. Looks like the rest of his face gets a bunch though. Pretty outrageous tan line huh. I wonder what his wife says when they go out to dinner?

Nevertheless, Stewart had a little fun with it on Twitter

Professional golfer Stewart Cink's twitter responses

With a tan like that, how could you avoid the spotlight? Maybe a little sunblock, ha!

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