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New Year's Resolutions? Here's a Few of Ours

by Will / January, 1 2014 01:30

new year's resolutions with pen on paper and Block Island Organics logo

New Year's Resolutions can be hard to keep. Particularly if they seem arduous. But hey, they could be fun ones too! Plus, I have a theory that if I post them publicly, I'll be more likely to follow through. At least that's my hope! So here are a few resolutions from myself and the other folks behind Block Island Organics. We'd love to hear what yours are! Just post them in the comments below.


  1. Cook breakfast one day a week - I don't cook but I've always wanted to learn. However I think saying "cook more" is too broad a resolution and they always say the best kind are specific. So I think tackling breakfast once a week is a good start. Cooking an egg and making some toast doesn't seem so difficult.
  2. Do not buy new clothes for myself - Part of my larger goal in life is to save money and spend less. A big culprit for me is shopping! I'm going to take a break for three months and not buy new clothes - let's see how much money I save.
  3. Volunteer once a month - I talk a big game about wanting to help others and do good for the world. Now it's my time to "put my money where my mouth is" and do something.


  1. Learn to draw - Earlier in 2013 I was working my way through a great book on learning to draw called Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain (a book my mom recommended to me over 20 years ago) but I got sidetracked a few months ago. As what one might call a "terrible artist" I was pretty surprised with my before and after drawings having worked through the first few exercises. Time to get back at it!
  2. Explore other creative outlets - This kind of goes along with the drawing theme but in general I'd like to try some other endeavors. I have dreams around learning the piano, learning to sing and creating micro-movies / webisodes. So I want to spend some time exploring these areas too.
  3. Eat more vegetables - This one is not quite as fun for me but it's something I definitely need to do. Along those lines, maybe I should learn to cook a little more than Trader Joes frozen food?

What are your New Year's Resolutions? Let us know below...and for more about us, check out our behind the scenes posts

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