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Hugh Jackman Has Skin Cancer - Says Wear Sunscreen

by Will / December, 11 2013 01:30

Well known for his role as Wolverine, Hugh Jackman recently revealed he had a case of skin cancer. According to his Instagram account Jackamn's wife Deb urged him to have a mark on his nose checked out. Turns out it was basal cell carcinoma, a form of skin cancer.

Jackman's Advice

Jackman then added some great advice - get yourself checked and wear sunscreen!

The Evidence

Here's the post from his Instagram account along with a shot of Jackman post surgery to remove the skin cancer.

Hugh Jackman Instagram post on skin cancer and sunscreen
Picture of Hugh Jackman post surgery to remove skin cancer from his nose

Get well soon Hugh! We're looking forward to seeing you in the new X-Men movie due out in 2014 and if you're looking for sunblock, drop us a line.

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