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The Sunniest Places in the World

by kelly / October, 30 2013 01:00

sun shining in Arizona

We here at Block Island Organics love to travel the world in search of sun and fun. Of course we always remember to bring our sunblock on our travels. On my vacations I particularly love to sit by the water, be it a pool or a beach, and bathe in the sun while protecting myself from the sun's rays.

Top 10 Sunniest Places

I thought it would be interesting this week if I highlighted the Top 10 Sunniest Places in the World. I'm always looking forward to my next sunny travel destination. And hey maybe these places will inspire your next trip.

Below are the places in the world with the most hours of sun per year and per day according to Current Results - a research news and science fact site. To my surprise the US actually had the most places in the Top 10. Arizona took the top two spots; guess that's why it's called the desert state.

Average Hours of Sunshine for the 10 Sunniest Places on Earth:

Country Place Per Year Per Day
United States Yuma, Arizona 4015 11.0
United States Phoenix, Arizona 3872 10.6
Egypt Asswan 3863 10.6
United States Las Vegas, Nevada 3825 10.5
Sudan Dongola 3814 10.4
United States Tucson, Arizona 3806 10.4
Chad Faya-Largeau 3792 10.4
Egypt Kharga 3791 10.4
Sudan Abu Hamed 3763 10.3
United States El Paso, Texas 3763 10.3

Current Results by Liz Osborn

Sun Averages for Your State or Country

And here is another fun fact and homage to our company - Rhode Island averages 2,606 total hours of sunshine and 98 clear days. Not bad for where we got our start.

You can find more state and country averages at Current Results - a great site to check out before you head out on your next vacation. Of course don’t forget to pack your sunscreen and check out our other travel articles like our Discovering Block Island series.

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