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Does Your Cleanser Need to Foam to Clean?

by kelly / January, 8 2020 01:30
If you’ve run into any skin care advertisement, you’ll frequently see brands promote and compare the amount of foam in a cleanser to prove it’s superior. They’ll generally imply that the amount of foam reflects the cleaning ability of the cleanser. Have you ever wondered if that’s the case, do you need more foam to clean? Not quite… [More]

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Happy New Year from Block Island Organics

by kelly / January, 1 2020 01:30
It's the New Year and the start of a new decade! We hope this year brings lots of happiness, health, and fun for everyone. We can't wait for what's to come (maybe even some new products from us). Here's to a fantastic 2020. [More]


Happy Holidays from Block Island Organics

by kelly / December, 25 2019 01:30
Happy Holidays! We hope this holiday season is filled with lots of joy, love, family, friends, and sunscreen :). Thanks to all of our readers and customers for making 2019 such a great year. We can't wait to see what next year holds and hope it's the best yet for all of us. [More]


Tips for Staying Fit and Healthy During the Holidays

by kelly / December, 18 2019 01:30
The holidays are filled with lots of food, drink, and festivities. It’s my favorite time of year but it’s also filled with some over-indulgence. So how do you stay fit and healthy while you’re celebrating with family and friends? Well, we have some useful tips from the folks at Kaiser Permanente. [More]


Holiday Sale - Save 15% Storewide

by kelly / December, 6 2019 01:30
We're keeping the savings going for you this holiday season. Save 15% on our night creams, cleansers, SPF moisturizers and sunscreens with code HOL19 at checkout.* Get 15% off your order this holiday season from now until January 2, 2020. Happy Holidays! [More]


New Study Finds Sun Exposure Leads to Skin Dehydration & Hidden Damage

by kelly / December, 4 2019 01:30
We love the sun but too much of it without any protection leads to big skin problems like sunburn, sun damage, and skin cancer - unfortunately, things we are all pretty familiar with. A new study found three more things: a new way to measure photodamage, prolonged sun exposure decreases skin water content, and sun exposue increases in skin surface roughness. [More]

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Save 25% Now in Our Black Friday Through Cyber Monday Sale

by kelly / November, 28 2019 01:30
It's the holidays and the best time to shop! Save 25% on our night creams, cleansers, SPF moisturizers and sunscreens with code BFCM19 at checkout.* Shop and save now through Monday in our Black Friday Cyber Monday sale. Happy shopping. [More]


Ingredient Truths: Indulge Your Skin In Chocolate

by kelly / November, 20 2019 01:30
There are few things in life that will always put me in a good mood - one of them is chocolate. Is there anything better than indulging in it? Not only does it taste so good, it’s actually good for your skin too. That’s one of the best things I learned since I started Block Island Organics! [More]


It’s National Healthy Skin Month!

by kelly / November, 13 2019 01:30
Your skin is the bodies largest organ and it also has a really significant job – it’s the first line of protection against outside pollutants! So it’s important that we take care of skin. In honor of National Healthy Skin Month this November – here are some key daily tips to keep your skin at its best everyday because we really should be thinking about it year-round. [More]

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Are You Washing Your Face Right?

by kelly / November, 6 2019 01:30
There is a right and a wrong way to wash your face. And how you clean your face actually makes a difference in your appearance. Fortunately, we have a list of the right way to do things to keep your skin glowing and healthy. [More]

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