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Discovering Block Island: Holiday Shopping Stroll

by kelly / November, 9 2022 01:30
The holidays are almost here! I love all that comes with the holidays – family, fun, good food, and shopping. But sometimes it can be overwhelming with all the crowds. So a perfect place to still enjoy the holidays without all the traffic jams is Block Island as every year the island tees up its Annual Holiday Shopping Stroll. It’s also a great excuse for a weekend - or day - trip to the island! [More]

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Discovering Block Island: Movies on the Beach

by kelly / July, 20 2022 01:30
So just a quick post this week but a fun one. Block Island is combining two of the best things about summer into one – the beach and movies. This summer movies on the beach are back on the Block! [More]

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Discovering Block Island: July 4th Fireworks Spectacular

by kelly / June, 1 2022 01:30
If you’re looking for fireworks this year for July 4th – I think Block Island will be the best place to see them. This year the island’s got something special up its sleeve for the Fourth. [More]

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Discovering Block Island: Block Island Maritime Institute

by kelly / August, 11 2021 01:30
Here’s an amazing treasure I only recently discovered or rather took the time to get know – the Block Island Maritime Institute (BIMI). I had the opportunity to rediscover this Block Island gem through my 4 year old and her 6 and 8 year old cousins. They could spend hours at the Institute doing one of their many family-oriented activities. [More]

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Discovering Block Island: Travel + Leisure’s Best Beach Town

by kelly / April, 28 2021 01:30
I always thought Block Island was one of the best kept secrets. Well now the secrets out. Travel + Leisure named Block Island one of the best beach towns in the United States. I mean we always knew that, heck we built a brand around the island. Now find out why Travel + Leisure thinks so as well… [More]

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Fly with Any Size Sunscreen in Your Carry-On Bag?

by kelly / April, 14 2021 01:30
There was some confusion on the internet this week. And this time it was around sunscreen and the Transportation Security Authority (aka the TSA). The TSA updated their rules around medical liquid carry-on travel sizes – allowing any size in carry-ons. Many news outlets reported sunscreens as part of that rule. Turns out it wasn’t the case. Here’s what you can actually bring when it comes to sunscreens on the plane… [More]

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Discovering Block Island: Hotel Week

by kelly / March, 31 2021 01:30
April might just be the perfect month to visit Block Island. Why? Well, if you really want to go to the island and are looking for fantastic deals on lodging, than look no further than Rhode Island Hotel Week. [More]

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Discovering Block Island: Lobster Pot Christmas Tree In 2020

by kelly / December, 9 2020 01:30
The holidays may feel and look a little different this year and while many things have changed in our world some traditions are still the same (albeit with some slight modifications) – like Block Island’s annual lobster pot Christmas Tree. To continue the annual festivities, this year on Thanksgiving Day the lights on this 10 year tradition lit up. [More]

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Discovering Block Island: Get Out Into Nature

by kelly / July, 29 2020 01:30
Now is the perfect time to get outside and into nature on Block Island. It really is a nature lover’s paradise. Even if many indoor events and activities are canceled this year, there’s still so much to do in the outdoors and we’ve got some ideas. Just be safe – practice social distancing, wear a mask, and apply that sunscreen. [More]

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Discovering Block Island: The Island Welcomes Visitors Back - Covid-19 Update

by kelly / June, 10 2020 01:30
Hope you are all staying safe and healthy this summer. I have some good news, spots around the country are opening back up slowly and Block Island is one of them. I’m excited but, of course, also want to be a bit cautious. So here are the details on what’s open and how to stay safe while there in case you are planning a trip. [More]

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