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How Long Should You Wait to Apply Makeup After Applying Sunscreen?

by kelly / July, 27 2022 01:30
Wait, are we supposed to wait before applying our makeup after applying sunscreen? The answer is yes. But don’t worry it’s not long and it’s definitely not something I knew until I ran a skin care company. Plus it’s quick and you’ll probably forget you’re even waiting. [More]

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Does Your Partner Influence Your Sunscreen Use?

by kelly / July, 13 2022 01:30
If your partner uses sunscreen are you more likely to use it? Afterall, there is the old saying that people start to look and act like each other over time. Well a new study published in the Journal of the Dermatology Nurses’ Association answers this question and a few others. [More]

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Who’s Adding More Sunscreen to Beaches?

by kelly / July, 6 2022 01:30
Here’s some good news coming out of the Ocean State - aka Rhode Island. RI has decided to add more touch-free sunscreen dispensers to its beaches and parks. Big ups to RI, the birth place of Block Island Organics. [More]

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Can You Store Sunscreen In Your Car?

by kelly / June, 22 2022 01:30
A while back Khloe Kardashian revealed that she likes to put sunscreen in all of her cars. However you may feel about the Kardashians – I respect that she’s acknowledges the importance of sunscreen. However is storing sunscreen in your car a good idea? It’s definitely a noble effort to ensure it’s always available and around. But it might not be the best storage place… [More]

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Sun Damage Culprit – Windows

by kelly / May, 18 2022 01:30
Yes, your windows can be a major source of damage to your skin. Huh? Why? Well, many windows aren’t treated to protect you from the sun and we tend to think if we’re inside, sun damage isn’t an issue. That seems logical, right? But sitting next to an untreated window means your skin is getting sun damage. Something I’d never thought about. So how do you protect yourself? Read on… [More]

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Know the Facts, Check Your Skin

by kelly / May, 11 2022 16:25
It’s my favorite month of the year! Why? Well, summer is around the corner and it also happens to be Skin Cancer Awareness month. So it’s a perfect time to protect and check in with our skin. So we’re here to give you a little reminder of why and how to do all that. [More]

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EIGHT Years Running - EWG Names Block Island Organics a Best Sunscreen & Daily SPF

by kelly / May, 6 2022 14:43
We're excited to announce that once again we made the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) list of best sunscreens in there 2022 Sunscreen Guide. [More]

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Chemical Sunscreens Accumulating in the Mediterranean

by kelly / April, 13 2022 01:30
In the last few years Hawaii and Thailand have banned the use and sale of some chemical sunscreens with a few other states and countries considering it as well. Could the Mediterranean region be next after a recent study was released? [More]

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Apply Products on Wet or Dry Skin?

by kelly / April, 6 2022 01:30
We love debunking skin care myths and weighing in on great skin care debates. Our latest installment answers the age old question should you apply your skin care products to wet or dry skin? The answer depends on the type of product you are using… [More]

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Baseball Cap Sunburn Is Now A Thing? Yup

by kelly / March, 22 2022 15:28
It’s spring training and a time when ball players are out in the sun for long days. What’s the most important thing for them to do during spring training – practice good sun protection (and probably also practice some baseball ;). And as part of spring training Major League Baseball dolls out new hats to the players… [More]

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