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Sun Protection Game

by kelly / February, 16 2022 01:30
The image below is actually a game. It’s a game of spot the sun protection? Yes sun protection can be turned into fun game. Leave it to the Skin Cancer Foundation to turn it into a game. [More]

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Can Your Skin Reveal Your Overall Health

by kelly / February, 9 2022 01:30
Your skin is your largest organ and it can surprisingly reveal a lot about your overall health. Dermatologists can tell a lot about your lifestyle and habits by looking at your skin. It’s kind of interesting that they are able to know so much about us without even talking to us. Here’s what they can tell… [More]

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How To Prevent Chapped Lips

by kelly / February, 2 2022 01:30
I think we’ve all had that moment when we’re talking and all of sudden something feels not right with our lips. For me it feels like each lip might split apart. Then it becomes hard to talk. That sensation is chapped lips and it’s definitely an uncomfortable feeling. So how do we prevent it? [More]

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Your Makeup Brushes Can Be A Big Skin Irritation Culprit

by kelly / January, 26 2022 01:30
Did you know that your makeup brushes could be a cesspool of bacteria? Yes, I know it sounds dramatic but it could be happening to your brushes if you’re not cleaning them regularly or properly. If left dirty they become a breeding ground for bacteria which can lead to major skin problems. [More]

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Even Elmo Wears Sunscreen

by kelly / January, 19 2022 01:30
Elmo and friends have a message for everyone at the start of the New Year - “everyone needs to wear sunscreen.” Yes, this month Sesame Street promoted this awesome message! Hey I can’t help myself, as one of the owners of Block Island Organics, I’m excited that one of my favorite tv shows is talking about the importance of sun protection. So how did this all come about… [More]

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Working Out – Good or Bad For Your Skin?

by kelly / January, 5 2022 01:30
It’s the New Year and who has a resolution to work out more? Ok, it’s cliché but I definitely have to raise my hand on that one. Exercising is one of those things we all know is great for our bodies but sometimes hard to motivate to do. So I began thinking (as a way to delay / avoid working out) – how about the skin – is exercising good for our skin? Well the answer is yes as long as you follow these simple tips. [More]

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Ingredient Truths: Ingredient Order Matters – Decipher the Label

by kelly / December, 15 2021 01:30
It seems in today’s connected world everyone is an expert on skin care. But to be a true expert you need to understand your product’s label beyond just the marketing. Most people don’t know that there’s an order to how ingredients are listed on the label. Well we’re here to help so you can show off your expertise. [More]

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Maui Aims to Ban ALL Chemical Sunscreens

by kelly / December, 8 2021 01:30
Recently the Maui County Council unanimously passed a bill to prohibit the sale, distribution, and use of ALL chemical sunscreens – making it the most aggressive ban on chemical sunscreens in America. This ban was an effort by Maui to protect its island and marine environment. Don’t worry mineral sunscreens will still be allowed and in fact the only type of sunscreen you can use on the island. [More]

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Can Tape – Yes, Household Tape – Prevent Wrinkles?

by kelly / November, 17 2021 01:30
A recent skin care hack making waves on social media is the use of tape to prevent wrinkles. You might be thinking – I can use scotch tape to get rid of skin aging? Well…not exactly, though some have tried with regular tape. There is even facial tape on the market that claims to reduce wrinkles. But we say not so fast to this supposed “miracle” solution. [More]


Know Your Skin Type and Your Goals

by kelly / November, 10 2021 01:30
Part of good skin is having a great skin care routine that involves protection, cleansing and moisturizing. Another piece of the great skin pie is understanding what type of skin you have and then building products around your skin type and your skin care goals. It turns out a lot of our goals are defined by our skin type. [More]

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