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Ingredient Truths: Ingredient Order Matters – Decipher the Label

by kelly / December, 15 2021 01:30
It seems in today’s connected world everyone is an expert on skin care. But to be a true expert you need to understand your product’s label beyond just the marketing. Most people don’t know that there’s an order to how ingredients are listed on the label. Well we’re here to help so you can show off your expertise. [More]

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Grapes Could Protect Against Sun Damage

by kelly / February, 24 2021 01:30
Leave it to nature to give us some of the best products for our skin care woes. For example, sun damage is something many of us fight throughout our life. It’s not good for our skin and something we should all try to avoid. A new study from the University of Alabama’s Department of Dermatology found some pretty cool results when it comes to sun damage and grapes. [More]

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Ingredient Truths: Moisturize & Soothe Your Skin with Jojoba Seed Oil

by kelly / December, 16 2020 01:30
One of the main goals when we create products is to use ingredients made from earth. We believe that there are so many wonderful natural plant ingredients that offer great benefits to our health. One ingredient that we couldn’t resist was jojoba seed oil. It’s an amazing botanical with intrinsic moisturizing and soothing features. [More]


Homemade Sunscreens Don’t Work According to New Study

by kelly / November, 4 2020 01:30
Homemade or DIY sunscreens don’t work and they can be dangerous. Ok, so we’re a little biased because we do run a sunscreen company after all but a number of studies looked into these homemade sunscreen recipes and found they are not safe to use. Why? Well, check out the latest study which recreated 15 online recipes and found all had an SPF below 6 – not very protective. [More]

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California Passes Law To Make Skin Care Products More Transparent

by kelly / October, 28 2020 01:30
Good news if you care about your skin. Recently California passed the Cosmetic Fragrance and Flavor Ingredient Right to Know Act of 2020 (aka California SB 312) into law. Like the title suggests, this new law will require cosmetic and skin care companies to disclose ingredient information, specifically as it relates to the fragrance and flavor ingredients. Even if you don’t live in California this new law can benefit you… [More]

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Ingredient Truths: Calm Your Skin With Grape Extract

by kelly / July, 8 2020 01:30
Grapes are what I call nature’s candy. They are bite sized and totally delicious. Can something that tastes so good also be good for your body and more importantly your skin? In this case the answer is yes as grapes are packed with so much goodness. [More]


Ingredient Truths: Nourish Your Skin with Avocado

by kelly / February, 5 2020 01:30
I love multifaceted ingredients that are good for our bodies both on the inside and out. Avocados are just that type of ingredient. The oil extracted from the flesh of an avocado is used in skin care products to help moisturize, heal, and prevent skin aging. [More]


Ingredient Truths: Indulge Your Skin In Chocolate

by kelly / November, 20 2019 01:30
There are few things in life that will always put me in a good mood - one of them is chocolate. Is there anything better than indulging in it? Not only does it taste so good, it’s actually good for your skin too. That’s one of the best things I learned since I started Block Island Organics! [More]


Ingredient Truths: Gentle Cleansing Power of Rosemary

by kelly / September, 18 2019 01:30
Rosemary is an ingredient I often add to my food to give it that extra punch. It’s flavorful and blends in well into a recipe. So imagine my excitement when I found out rosemary has benefits beyond heightening cooking. It also has wonderful powers to freshen up any skin care routine. [More]


Ingredient Truths: Zinc Oxide Fights Aging, Acne, and Infections

by kelly / July, 24 2019 01:30
Zinc oxide can do it all. It protects and fights for your skin. You might know it mainly as a sunscreen ingredient but it can do so much more. Learn why having zinc on your side is a great thing for your skin. [More]

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