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Ingredient Truths: Calm Your Skin With Grape Extract

by kelly / July, 8 2020 01:30
Grapes are what I call nature’s candy. They are bite sized and totally delicious. Can something that tastes so good also be good for your body and more importantly your skin? In this case the answer is yes as grapes are packed with so much goodness. [More]


Ingredient Truths: Nourish Your Skin with Avocado

by kelly / February, 5 2020 01:30
I love multifaceted ingredients that are good for our bodies both on the inside and out. Avocados are just that type of ingredient. The oil extracted from the flesh of an avocado is used in skin care products to help moisturize, heal, and prevent skin aging. [More]


Ingredient Truths: Indulge Your Skin In Chocolate

by kelly / November, 20 2019 01:30
There are few things in life that will always put me in a good mood - one of them is chocolate. Is there anything better than indulging in it? Not only does it taste so good, it’s actually good for your skin too. That’s one of the best things I learned since I started Block Island Organics! [More]


Ingredient Truths: Gentle Cleansing Power of Rosemary

by kelly / September, 18 2019 01:30
Rosemary is an ingredient I often add to my food to give it that extra punch. It’s flavorful and blends in well into a recipe. So imagine my excitement when I found out rosemary has benefits beyond heightening cooking. It also has wonderful powers to freshen up any skin care routine. [More]


Ingredient Truths: Zinc Oxide Fights Aging, Acne, and Infections

by kelly / July, 24 2019 01:30
Zinc oxide can do it all. It protects and fights for your skin. You might know it mainly as a sunscreen ingredient but it can do so much more. Learn why having zinc on your side is a great thing for your skin. [More]

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Is Your Mineral Sunscreen Really A Mineral Sunscreen?

by kelly / June, 19 2019 01:30
Not all mineral sunscreens are created equal. What we mean is that many mineral sunscreens marketed as mineral are not mineral only and do in fact contain chemical sunscreens in them. Yeah, we agree, it can be a little confusing and concerning if you want a mineral only product. But don’t worry we’re here to help you separate fact from marketing when it comes to your sunscreen purchases. [More]

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Ingredient Truths: Tocopherol a Superhero Ingredient

by kelly / March, 6 2019 01:30
Who doesn’t love a good superhero – they have great powers and can save lives. In skin care I like to think we have superhero ingredients. They may not save lives but they can make your skin look fantastic. The superhero ingredient I’m talking about today is tocopherol. You probably never heard of it but you may use it on your skin or eat it everyday. It’s a wonderful ingredient with many awesome benefits. [More]

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Ingredient Truths: Make Your Skin Glow with Olive Oil

by kelly / January, 16 2019 01:30
Cleopatra was a big fan of olive oil. Supposedly she used daily to moisturize and to give her skin a radiant glow. Yes ,even thousands of years ago skin care was a thing! It’s actually pretty simple to understand why olive oil was an important component of Cleopatra’s skin care routine and a vital ingredient in our skin care products. Here’s why… [More]


Ingredient Truths: Hydrating Power of Sunflower Seeds

by kelly / October, 31 2018 01:30
I’m a cold weather person. I love sipping hot cocoa in front of a warm fire. But this type of weather can do a number on my skin. To combat my dry and itchy skin I reach for a moisturizer with sunflower seed oil. It’s a fantastic natural ingredient that deeply moisturizes the skin. [More]

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Ingredient Truths: Get Well With Eucalyptus

by kelly / September, 12 2018 01:30
I remember as kid whenever I had a bad cough or congestion my mom would breakout the Vicks VapoRub and rub it all over my chest. It always made me feel good and loved. Little did I know that a key ingredient in the rub is eucalyptus oil – something we use in our products to. It’s a soothing ingredient with benefits that extend to your skin. [More]

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