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Coronavirus/COVID-19 and Block Island Organics

by kelly / March, 25 2020 01:30
First and foremost we hope everyone is staying safe during this difficult time. We want to acknowledge these are not easy times which is why we wanted to take a moment to let you know the safety precautions we’ve put in place and how the island, Block Island itself, is coping. [More]

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Discovering Block Island: Holiday Fun

by kelly / October, 30 2019 01:30
It’s almost that time of year again. The holidays! You can’t beat all the decorations, fun, and festivities. Block Island knows how to do all three right. If you haven’t been to the island during the holidays you’re missing out. One of the best times to go is during the Block Island Holiday Stroll. [More]


Discovering Block Island: Summer’s Not Over, The Party Is Still Going

by kelly / August, 28 2019 01:30
Summer maybe officially over soon but the party’s not over on Block Island. September is an awesome month to come to visit. The vibe is a little chiller but there’s still a ton to do. Oh, and you don’t have to deal with as much traffic. September is kind of my favorite month on the island. Here’s what the Block has to offer. [More]

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Discovering Block Island: Party It Up in August

by kelly / July, 31 2019 01:30
The last month of summer is almost here and the fun doesn’t stop on Block Island. The party on the Block keeps going through the end of the summer. Check out all the awesome August events below. [More]


Discovering Block Island: Fireworks & Fun in July

by kelly / June, 26 2019 01:30
If you haven’t been to Block Island in July – you’re missing out on one of the best times of your life. There’s nothing better than July on the Block. It’s festive, fun, and fabulous. Whether you want to check out some major fireworks or be the champion hot dog eater or just bury you feet in the sand, you can do any of that this month. Here’s what July has to offer… [More]


Discovering Block Island: Action-Packed June

by kelly / May, 29 2019 01:30
June on Block Island is packed with events from music to racing to food and fun. If you want to make the most of your summer vacation (and don’t forget to pack the sunscreen on your trip) – hit the Block in June. Here’s a roundup of the upcoming can’t miss events. [More]


Discovering Block Island: Summer is Coming

by kelly / May, 15 2019 01:30
Winter is over, summer is around the corner (so don't forget the sunscreen) and Block Island is where you want to be. There is so much to swim, surf, sail, fish, hike, bike, eat, and shop on the island. If that sounds busy you can also spend lots of island time relaxing as well. There are plenty of quiet spots where you can sit, read, put your toes in the warm sand and watch the world go by. Here’s just a little bit of the fun in store for early summer on The Block. [More]

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Discovering Block Island: Own A Piece of the Block for Just $0.25

by kelly / November, 14 2018 01:30
Want to own a little piece of Block Island? On November 27th the United States Mint will release a three-coin quarter set featuring Block Island. While they are meant as collectible items, they can actually be used as quarters too. Time to pay for our laundry with a little slice of Block Island. [More]


Discovering Block Island: When The Crowds Disappear

by kelly / September, 26 2018 01:30
There’s something magical when you feel like you have an entire island all to yourself. Block Island is so peaceful and even more beautiful once the crowds thin out as fall rolls in. It is by no means boring on the island – just a little quieter. Here’s what you can find on the Block in the next few months. [More]

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Discovering Block Island: August Fun

by kelly / August, 8 2018 01:30
Now that we’re in August it may feel like summer is coming to an end but it’s not on Block Island. There’s more on-island swimming, eating and partying to be had. Check out all that August has to offer on the Block and don't forget to pack your sunscreen. [More]

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