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Are College Students Putting Themselves At Risk for Skin Cancer?

by kelly / January, 6 2021 01:30
Many of us spend our youth breaking rules and while some rules are meant to be broken, we think wearing sunscreen isn’t one of them – it helps prevent skin cancer and skin aging. Unfortunately, a recent study out of Brigham Young University (BYU) found that an astounding number of college students don’t use sunblock at all. [More]

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Have A Happy New Year

by kelly / December, 30 2020 01:30
I’m more than happy to say goodbye to 2020 and welcome in 2021. I’m hopeful for 2021 for my family, Block Island Organics, and the world. [More]


Wishing You A Happy Holiday

by kelly / December, 23 2020 01:30
It’s been a tough year for everyone. For us, there’ve been times we felt like packing it all in as a small business. But I think there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Plus, I still believe lovable skin and sun care products can bring micro moments of joy [More]


Ingredient Truths: Moisturize & Soothe Your Skin with Jojoba Seed Oil

by kelly / December, 16 2020 01:30
One of the main goals when we create products is to use ingredients made from earth. We believe that there are so many wonderful natural plant ingredients that offer great benefits to our health. One ingredient that we couldn’t resist was jojoba seed oil. It’s an amazing botanical with intrinsic moisturizing and soothing features. [More]


Discovering Block Island: Lobster Pot Christmas Tree In 2020

by kelly / December, 9 2020 01:30
The holidays may feel and look a little different this year and while many things have changed in our world some traditions are still the same (albeit with some slight modifications) – like Block Island’s annual lobster pot Christmas Tree. To continue the annual festivities, this year on Thanksgiving Day the lights on this 10 year tradition lit up. [More]

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2020 Holiday Sale - Save 15% Storewide

by kelly / December, 2 2020 01:30
Keep the savings going with our 2020 Holiday Sale. Save 15% on our moisturizers, cleansers, and SPF products. Use code HOL15 at checkout to get 15% off your order. Happy Holidays! [More]


Black Friday Through Cyber Monday 2020 Sale - Save 25% Storewide Now

by kelly / November, 26 2020 01:30
It's our favorite time of year: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You know what that means - big savings. So shop now and save 25% on our moisturizers, cleansers, and SPF products. Our sale starts today and runs through Cyber Monday. Use code BFCM25 at checkout to get 25% off your order. [More]


How Sunscreen Came To Be

by kelly / November, 18 2020 01:30
Today we know so much more about how the sun affects our skin and the potential harm it can cause if we don’t practice proper sun protection. We also have access to some many different kinds of sunscreens and SPF products. But our grandparents and maybe even some of our parents weren’t as lucky as us. Sunscreen as we know it today and the knowledge about the sun didn’t really come to be until the 1980s and 1990s. [More]

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What Are the First Signs of Skin Aging?

by kelly / November, 11 2020 01:30
Unfortunately our skin starts to age before most of us realize it. Of course, the earlier we start preventing skin aging the better. And prevention is much easier and less expensive than treatment. So the sooner we can identify and see the signs of skin aging, the more we can do to prevent it and slow it down. But what are the starting signs, well we’ve got the answers… [More]

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Homemade Sunscreens Don’t Work According to New Study

by kelly / November, 4 2020 01:30
Homemade or DIY sunscreens don’t work and they can be dangerous. Ok, so we’re a little biased because we do run a sunscreen company after all but a number of studies looked into these homemade sunscreen recipes and found they are not safe to use. Why? Well, check out the latest study which recreated 15 online recipes and found all had an SPF below 6 – not very protective. [More]

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