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Surprising Everyday Ways You Can Get Sun Damage

by kelly / August, 4 2021 01:30
Most people think they only need sunscreen if they’re heading out for a day at the beach or pool. Or they think sunscreen is just a summer thing and don’t wear sunscreen year round. Not many realize they’re getting sun damage all the time - walking from the parking lot to the grocery store in the winter for example. Unfortunately all these little sun exposure moments add up throughout our lives and ultimately damage skin. So what are some of these surprising moments and what should we do? Read on… [More]

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The Dangerous Sunscreen Contouring Trend

by kelly / July, 28 2021 01:30
I love a good food, life, or skin care hack. I’m into anything that makes life easier. But some hacks are not meant to be followed and can be just plain dangerous. That’s just the case with this skin care “hack” trending on TikTok called sunscreen contouring. Don’t do it because it’s bad for your skin and can lead to skin damage, sunburn and possibly skin cancer. [More]

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Mark Zuckerberg Put his Sunscreened Face on a Surfboard?

by kelly / July, 14 2021 01:30
Here’s another fun sunscreen story for you. Apparently there are people out there that can customize the graphics on a surfboard. In this case someone’s face was put on a board. And not just any face; the face of a sunscreened Mark Zuckerberg - the CEO of Facebook. In fact, he had it done himself. Why? [More]


Discovering Block Island: Unique Summer Fun

by kelly / July, 7 2021 01:30
There’s no better place to be in the summer than on Block Island. You might think we’re biased but Travel + Leisure did just named it a “Best Beach Town”. If you’re thinking of planning a trip there (you should and don’t forget to pack your sunscreen) – here’s a list of some unique activities taking place that you can’t find anywhere else. And if you can’t make it this year a lot of these event are annual. [More]


Save 20% Now During Our July 4th Sale

by kelly / July, 1 2021 01:30
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New Study Shows Few People Reapply Sunscreen

by kelly / June, 23 2021 01:30
With the summer in full effect and many people spending more and more time outdoors, it’s a good time for a friendly sun protection reminder. Sunscreen should be your best friend this summer (and really all year-round). I think most people generally know how important it is to wear sunscreen and reapply. But many people seem to forget to apply more as the day goes on. A new study revealed exactly that trend. [More]

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New Non-Invasive Technology to Test for Skin Cancer

by kelly / June, 16 2021 01:30
If you’re like me – and I’m sure many others can relate – I don’t love medical check-ups that involve poking and prodding. I know that these procedures are necessary for my health but I don’t enjoy them. So I was pretty excited when I learned about a new non-invasive technology that tests for melanoma. [More]

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Celebrity Skin Cancer Warning From Modern Family Star

by kelly / June, 9 2021 01:30
Celebrities they are just like us. They all have to sleep, eat, and protect their skin from the sun. This week was a reminder of just that when actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson, star of the hit TV show Modern Family, shared that he had a bit of skin cancer removed. Unfortunately, skin cancer can affect anyone – regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, or celebrity status. [More]

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Summer Sale - Save 15% Now

by kelly / June, 2 2021 13:20
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Save 20% Now During Our Memorial Day Sale

by kelly / May, 26 2021 01:30
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