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Save 25% Today - Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale

by kelly / November, 25 2021 01:30
It's that time again. Time for big savings! Save 25% during our Black Friday through Cyber Monday sale. Shop and save on our moisturizers and cleansers. Our sale starts today and runs through Cyber Monday. Use code BFCM21 at checkout to get 25% off your order. [More]


Can Tape – Yes, Household Tape – Prevent Wrinkles?

by kelly / November, 17 2021 01:30
A recent skin care hack making waves on social media is the use of tape to prevent wrinkles. You might be thinking – I can use scotch tape to get rid of skin aging? Well…not exactly, though some have tried with regular tape. There is even facial tape on the market that claims to reduce wrinkles. But we say not so fast to this supposed “miracle” solution. [More]


Know Your Skin Type and Your Goals

by kelly / November, 10 2021 01:30
Part of good skin is having a great skin care routine that involves protection, cleansing and moisturizing. Another piece of the great skin pie is understanding what type of skin you have and then building products around your skin type and your skin care goals. It turns out a lot of our goals are defined by our skin type. [More]

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How To Build A Skin Care Routine

by kelly / November, 3 2021 01:30
Today we’re overwhelmed with images and videos of people promoting a parade of products and how tos – promising perfect and glowy skin across social media. It’s hard to not be overwhelmed by all this information and to know how many and which products to use. In our opinion it’s always best to go the real experts – the dermatologists. They study and understand skin, ingredients, and how your body and skin work together. So I listen to them to find out the true basics of a good skin care routine beyond all the marketing and social clutter. [More]

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Rachel Maddow Says Early Skin Cancer Detection Saved Her

by kelly / October, 27 2021 01:30
Early skin cancer detection can save lives. Rachel Maddow, MSNBC anchor, experienced that first hand. She recently revealed that she had skin cancer surgery on her neck. Thanks to detecting her skin cancer early she was able to prevent something worse from happening. She also took a moment on air, on her show, to address her skin cancer. Here’s what she had to say. [More]

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New Sunscreen Rules Proposed by the Food & Drug Administration

by kelly / October, 13 2021 01:30
If you have a high SPF chemical sunscreen in your cabinet you might need to replace it soon. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is proposing new requirements that may affect if your chemical sunscreen is considered safe (all-mineral sunscreens like ours are considered safe), what the max SPF level is, and if it truly protects you against all UV rays like ours do. So what are these new updates and how do you buy the right sunscreen – well we’ve got you covered. [More]

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How Much Moisturizer is Right for Your Skin?

by kelly / September, 29 2021 01:30
Too much or too little moisturizer can be no bueno for your skin. So what is that perfect amount? It’s not always easy to figure out as moisturizers don’t come with instructions. But we’ve got you covered so you can find the right balance… [More]

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Why Dermatologists Are Critical In Our Lives

by kelly / September, 22 2021 01:30
Your skin is the largest organ on your body. It’s your body’s first line of defense against disease and it protects all your other organs. That’s why having a dermatologist in your life is important. And dermatologists don’t just check our skins – they can perform skin surgery and identify and treat over 3000 conditions that affect our skin, hair, and nails. There’s a lot more to dermatologists than you think… [More]

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Discovering Block Island: Kangaroos, Alpacas, Zedonks and More

by kelly / September, 15 2021 01:30
Did you know that on Block Island there is a yak, emu, zedonk, lemurs, alpacas and kangaroos just to name a few? And did you know you can actually visit these animals and even pet and feed some of them? Yes, the island has it all – sun, surf, sand and a baby joey! [More]


An NFL Coach Defends Against Skin Cancer

by kelly / September, 8 2021 01:30
The NFL season is upon us once again. It’s also my husband and co-founder’s favorite time of year. With the NFL season comes a lot of time out in the sun for players and coaches. Just like us, they need to be mindful of sun damage. In fact, one big time coach learned the hard way about the importance of sun protection when one of his mentors passed from skin cancer. [More]

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