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EIGHT Years Running - EWG Names Block Island Organics a Best Sunscreen & Daily SPF

by kelly / May, 6 2022 14:43
We're excited to announce that once again we made the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) list of best sunscreens in there 2022 Sunscreen Guide. [More]

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Discovering Block Island: One of the Last Great Places

by kelly / April, 20 2022 01:30
In honor of Earth Week – we’d thought we talk about why Block Island is such a special place. In fact, in 1991 The Nature Conservancy named Block Island one of the 12 “Last Great Places” in the Western Hemisphere! I couldn’t agree more. That’s why we’ve built a whole brand around the island’s natural beauty. [More]


Chemical Sunscreens Accumulating in the Mediterranean

by kelly / April, 13 2022 01:30
In the last few years Hawaii and Thailand have banned the use and sale of some chemical sunscreens with a few other states and countries considering it as well. Could the Mediterranean region be next after a recent study was released? [More]

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Apply Products on Wet or Dry Skin?

by kelly / April, 6 2022 01:30
We love debunking skin care myths and weighing in on great skin care debates. Our latest installment answers the age old question should you apply your skin care products to wet or dry skin? The answer depends on the type of product you are using… [More]

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How Much Should I Use of My Skin Care Products

by kelly / March, 30 2022 01:30
So how much should you use of your skin care products? Can you use too much or too little? Is there a right amount? Well we’ve got some general guidelines to help you figure out the answer to this age old question. [More]

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Baseball Cap Sunburn Is Now A Thing? Yup

by kelly / March, 22 2022 15:28
It’s spring training and a time when ball players are out in the sun for long days. What’s the most important thing for them to do during spring training – practice good sun protection (and probably also practice some baseball ;). And as part of spring training Major League Baseball dolls out new hats to the players… [More]

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Can A Sticker Remind You to Reapply Sunscreen?

by kelly / March, 16 2022 01:30
It’s hard to remember to reapply sunscreen every day. I run a sunscreen company and I have to remind myself to reapply (sometimes by setting alarms on my phone). But we’re all supposed to reapply ideally every two hours. So imagine my surprise when I found a sticker that helps remind you to apply sunscreen… [More]

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Weird Facts You Never Knew About Your Skin

by kelly / March, 9 2022 01:30
The more we know the better, right? This statement definitely applies to our skin. The more we know about our skin – I think the better we are at taking care of it. So here’s some interesting and helpful stats about your skin to keep you in the know. [More]

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Is Sun Protection More Important During Warmer Months?

by kelly / March, 2 2022 01:30
Most people think of sun season as the warm summer months and think more about sun protection then. Also, May is Skin Cancer Awareness month so there is more media coverage on the topic of skin cancer and sun protection. Plus folks are outdoors more and covering up less so they probably are more likely to apply sunscreen. So is sun protection just more important in the warmer months? [More]

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Sun Protection Game

by kelly / February, 16 2022 01:30
The image below is actually a game. It’s a game of spot the sun protection? Yes sun protection can be turned into fun game. Leave it to the Skin Cancer Foundation to turn it into a game. [More]

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