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by kelly / May, 23 2023 13:59
We're so happy. We did it again! We made the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) list of best sunscreens in there 2023 Sunscreen Guide. [More]

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Discovering Block Island: Holiday Shopping Stroll

by kelly / November, 9 2022 01:30
The holidays are almost here! I love all that comes with the holidays – family, fun, good food, and shopping. But sometimes it can be overwhelming with all the crowds. So a perfect place to still enjoy the holidays without all the traffic jams is Block Island as every year the island tees up its Annual Holiday Shopping Stroll. It’s also a great excuse for a weekend - or day - trip to the island! [More]

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Why You Need Sunscreen When You Fly

by kelly / October, 26 2022 01:30
The holidays are around the corner and travel is about to pick up. So if you’re about to take off on a trip – don’t forget to pack a travel size sunscreen in your carry-on. Yes, you heard right. You need to wear sunscreen on the plane because exposure to UV radiation is high up in the air. [More]

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Signs of Sun Damage

by kelly / October, 12 2022 01:30
You may be surprised, I definitely was, that everyday marks on our face are not only signs of getting older, but also signs of sun damage. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation “the way your skin looks may have more to do with how much you’ve basked in the sun than how many birthday orbits around it you’ve made.” [More]

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Sunscreen As Personal Protective Equipment?

by kelly / September, 21 2022 01:30
Should sunscreen be considered personal protective equipment (PPE) – like gloves, masks, or goggles? Well there is a push by a group in Congress to add sunscreen to the list of critical PPE for outdoor workers. Wow, that would be something! [More]

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Viral Photo Reminds Us Why We Need to Apply Sunscreen Everywhere

by kelly / September, 7 2022 01:30
This viral photo recently made the rounds on the internet. The photo is a good reminder of why sunscreen is needed every day and across all our exposed skin. It shows the dramatic effects of applying sunscreen on one part of your body but not another for decades… [More]

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What Time of Day Can You Stop Wearing Sunscreen?

by kelly / August, 31 2022 01:30
Is there a point in time during the day when you don’t have to wear sunscreen? And can you just put it on in the morning and be done for the day? Fortunately the answers to these questions are simple! And once you know the answer your skin will thank you. [More]

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UK Soccer Teams Apologizes for Sunscreen Statement

by kelly / August, 24 2022 01:30
That’s a headline you don’t read very often. But somehow a UK soccer team made an error in judgement and sent out a tweet reply that caused a bit of a stir with the Melanoma UK foundation. [More]

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End of Summer Sale - Save 20% Storewide Today

by kelly / August, 17 2022 01:30
It's almost the end of summer. And it's also perfect time to save 20% on our SPF products, cleansers, and moisturizers during our end of summer sale. Use code SUM22 at checkout to get 20% off your order. [More]


Dangerous Sun Protection Alternatives Trending Online

by kelly / August, 10 2022 01:30
The internet is a great source of information but it can also be a source of great disinformation. Today there is a dangerous trend popping up on TikTok and Instagram in regards to sun protection. There are hundreds of videos circulating online using oils, mud, and even sand instead of sunscreen. Unfortunately this spread of information can cause major harm. [More]

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