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The Block Island Organics Mission

Our mission is to give everyone access to safe, effective, and lovable non-toxic suncare and skin care products. We believe in living outside and enjoying the sun and not hiding from it. With a little sun knowledge, the right sunscreen, and healthy skin care from day to night everyone can live our mantra: “Play Smart, Play Safe”.

The sun is the leading cause of skin damage but despite advances in science and cosmetics, skin cancer rates continue to rise and premature skin aging is prevalent. We believe this is due in part to poor quality sunscreens, misleading marketing and the failure to educate consumers on safe suncare practices. To rectify this, we pledge to be consistent, honest, and transparent in our marketing as we pursue our goals: educate consumers, optimize product safety, quality, and cost, and earn your trust.

Educate Consumers

The issues and controversies in suncare are numerous and confusing. They range from what SPF really means to the potential toxicity of common sunscreen ingredients (see our Smart Suncare section to learn more) to how to treat your skin after sundown.  The fact is proper sun protection both during the day and at night is the best thing you can do for your skin.  Thus one of our goals is to make sense of the confusion and keep you up to date with current skin science. Check our website's blog and community page, as well as our Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram pages to stay on top of the latest sun and skin issues.

Optimize Product Safety, Quality and Cost

Some companies took notice of the common sunscreen issues and now safer sunscreens are available. Unfortunately, many of these products are overly thick, pasty and greasy. If a great quality product is available, it's often at a price per ounce that is impractical for many consumers. Thus another of our goals is to optimize safety, quality, and affordability into products you will love.

Earn Your Trust

Our third goal is to have an honest dialogue with our customers to create a trusted brand. In addition to a transparent discussion of sun and skin issues, we pledge full disclosure of our ingredients and our reasons for choosing them. We intend to build a brand that can be trusted to consistently create great quality and safe products.

Our customers make us better so let us know what you like, what you don't like, and what you want!

~ Kelly and Will

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